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There are financial perks — box office bonuses and ownership of a percentage of profits. Will you fly out a whole family?

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Will you give a rental car, and a car and driver? Have you noticed any differences in terms of the kinds of things that are discussed when a client is a female versus a male actor? Is that because of family issues, usually? Their kids are in school. Women tend to want more perks with regard to their family, [like] Fridays off for a movie so they can go home to visit their kid.

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When a client says, "I need a bigger trailer for my kids," are the studios usually amenable to working with them or do they get annoyed? It depends on what it is. I had a client who needed a bigger trailer and she needed more than one ticket in order to bring her kid. And they were perfectly nice about it. They were like, "We understand, the kid is a newborn. She needs to be with the mother. There are some times when women need to walk away — [when] we as a team, as a collective [do].

Is it me, the agent?

Sometimes I feel like, "You know what? And are female clients more inclined to listen to their agents when they tell them to accept versus pass?

I think that women are actually more likely to listen to their advisers; women are more likely to follow what their agents and managers and lawyers are telling them, rather than [dissent]. This will go away if we say no. You can say no on principle or not. We think you should do this movie. What could she have done to make a difference in that case?

I think the crux of it is not that she was a poor negotiator, because first of all, she had plenty of people negotiating on her behalf, some of whom, if not all of them, are men. But in terms of what she could do, in some ways, the deeper issue is how much she and women are valued as a whole.

What makes a drive-in date so great?

But Jennifer Lawrence, you just get someone else. Women all across the board are just not valued. How do we fix this problem? Do women need to get their initial quotes up?

Go, Speed, go! He goes from antagonist to loyal teammate, one who whisks others away from danger by hugging them. Leonardo leads.

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Donatello handles the machinery. Michelangelo is a party dude party!!! Still, you do not want to tangle with this Zen-Whoberi badass. Flash, ahhhhh! Savior of the universe! The kid also has enough time to enjoy some food and prank his foes. The movie takes full advantage of its animated format, allowing its puffy, mechanical breakout star to flop about adorably in ways a live-action hero never could. Not even Hydra could squash his inherent decency.

Under the guidance of her equally screwed-up dad — played Nicolas Cage — the gun-toting Mindy Macready is foul-mouthed and ultra-deadly, raining down bullets and C-bombs with equal ardor. Never underestimate a little girl with an ax to grind.

Drive-in Movies: What They’re Like (for the Uninitiated)

From that came the devoted policeman Alex Murphy Peter Weller , who gets gunned down by some goons — only to be resurrected by an evil corporation into a crime-fighting cyborg. Ororo Munroe. Inside the costume? You get someone with charm and smarts, an Avenger-friendly cohort who can take on planet-sized demons and put someone like Loki in his place.

And not even the Caped Crusader himself has such a helpful cape at his disposal. The fact that the latter makes him feel a little sleepy is part of the charm. He takes care of business in fight sequences and quietly steals scenes from the sidelines. Only weakness? Sensitive nipples.

And man, can this lady fight! Two words: solo movie. Rorsharch seethes because he cares so deeply — as if doing enough good in the world could somehow silence the anguish in his head. What if Superman were an obnoxious, unpopular alcoholic? The dark, twisted action-comedy Hancock beat the likes of Kick-Ass and Deadpool to the punch with its depiction of a problematic hero, who tends to make everything worse when he tries to save the day. The Guardians of the Galaxy crew are a bunch of misfits and dorks — but when it comes to snideness, nobody beats the Rocket.

  1. Blood Magic (The Science of Psionics Book 2)?
  2. Attention to beauty (A poets view of the world around us Book 1)!
  3. Guardians Of The Galaxy;
  4. Witch of Talera (The Talera Cycle Book 3).
  5. Smith Wigglesworth : A Life Ablaze With the Power of God (Living Classics);

But the more that Rocket positions himself as a bad-ass gunner and pilot, the more obvious it is that underneath his fur and sass is a big heart. Just watch him around Baby Groot: That adorable little twig brings out his softer side. In her star-making role, Jane Fonda is the title character, a space-faring, world-saving heroine whose swinging-Sixties blend of innocence and insatiability is her true superpower.

As he morphs into the monster, his Hulk aided by CG wizardry is a fearsome, rampaging wonder. Quick: Name another hero who can use both a spear and a wig as a deadly weapon. Actor Brandon Lee, a. Batman beware. Sorry, Mr. Played with unsmiling fury by Karl Urban, that judge is an instrument of capital punishment so pure and implacable that you never see his full face — an unknowable and untouchable avenger behind his helmet.

Which he does, with honors. Originally modeled after African-American icons of the early Seventies, Blade is the son of a woman bitten by a vampire. Dressed in a floor-length black leather ensemble with a blood-red lining, Wesley Snipes plays the monster-hunter at maximum glower, shredding through vampires in a vengeful mission to protect folks from his fanged brethren.

The only thing funnier than a pratfall is a pratfall performed by the literal god of thunder. So the shy teenager Violet turns invisible, just like countless embarrassed adolescents have longed to do.

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Sacrifice, thy name is Groot. Thor is surrounded by enemies, everything seems hopeless … then a spaceship hatch opens to reveal a leather-armored, war-painted Valkyrie chugging a So kudos to Thor: Ragnarok, which turns an often stodgy comic character into a scene-stealer with a sneer, a swagger and a knack for thriving in cosmic chaos. The fact that she turns out to be an Asgardian warrior goddess in exile only makes her that much cooler. Not that we needed convincing, unlike the slow-to-greenlight-a-solo-movie production company and the folks who make toys.

Natasha Romanoff is first seen using her wits to turn the tables on some would-be Russian torturers, and she keeps demonstrating new skill sets like hacking government computers and riding motorcycles out of planes ; and while she not be the largest member of the MCU all-star team or has the most tricked-out gear, she definitely ranks high in the running, jumping and beating-the-crap-out-of-bad-guys department. The World created an alternative superhero, a year-old townie layabout who meets his dream girl.