Manual A Dragons Journals : Heavens Destruction

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Once per turn, during your End Phase: Banish 4 cards from the top of your Deck. Nah, JD is still better. Image size. Comments Join the community to add your comment.

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I actually find this good in Metaphys Deck due to the banishing effect. And the Metaphys like being banished.

See a Problem?

AlanMac95 Professional Artist. What can I say, Konami can make weird homes for these cards.


Sweet goodness, everyone's bugging over the "4 Tuners with different names in the GY" effect. Also, your opponent better pray you didn't activate Return of the Dragon Lords with this.

DoctorMonroe Hobbyist Traditional Artist. This is limited to decks that can put out a tuner and a non-tuner s with the same attribute. I would rather have this rather than OD JG as far as genericness is concerned.

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And for the other Decks that aren't Lightsworns? I mentioned Blue-Eyes for a reason- this hits everything and sticks around in a way the other two generic destruction-centric Synchros Black Rose and Red Dragon Archfiend Scarlight don't, in a way, that Blue-Eyes and now that I think of it, Metaphys with Lightray Grepher don't judge me that unbricks hands doesn't, especially considering its the backline that gets in my craw in the mid-game. For everything else, there's Seraphic Dragon. Honestly, I don't mind it, although I don't understand why JD got a retrain.

I guess you could argue its limited to lightsworns, and I could agree with you, maybe. Although its more of a late game card assuming you didn't get 4 different tuners in the grave. Increased the Item Hongmoon Point cap to 10, up from 5 and the overall Hongmoon Point cap to , up from Premium Members now have access to additional storage in their Vault.

Heaven's Destruction (A Dragon's Journal)

Additional slots can be unlocked with Gold. If your Premium Membership becomes inactive, you will be able to withdraw but not deposit items. New Achievements have been added for completing the new "Temple of Succession" Side Story quest, achieving top rank in Brood Chamber Challenge mode or Shackled Isles, reaching level 60 and enhancing skills. A new account level system called "Unity" has been added to the game.

It can be leveled up through any character on the account, and the benefits are shared between all characters on the account as well. You can earn up to , Reputation daily.

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As your Unity level goes up, you will gain stat boosts and the ability to equip different Splendor Stones to customize your attribute bonuses. They will also be available for a limited time in the Treasure Trove. It can acquired from the Cherry Blossom Treasure Trove. Revamped the recruitment system for Competitive Clans. Rewards for the Trial Arena have been updated. Increased the maximum number for the Block list to Tower of Infinity entry requirement changed from Lv55 to Lv A new Dungeon Challenge season will start on March 13 and last until April Existing Legendary Elemental Accessories can be used to acquire the new ones: For accessories that are level 9 or under, you can salvage them to acquire the corresponding new accessory.

A Dragon's Journals: Heaven's Destruction

For accessories that are level 10 or awakened, you can Evolve them into the new corresponding accessory. You can change the specialization of your accessories by Evolving a Level 10 or Awakened legendary accessory for a cost of 1 Moonstone or 1 Elysian Crystal depending on the accessory.

They can be obtained by salvaging the corresponding accessories. Eternity Belt The Eternity Belt has been changed so that it cannot be evolved anymore.

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This change will only impact newly acquired items, existing ones will remain as-is. Elemental Gems Obsidian Existing Obsidian gems can be exchanged through the Antique System for new ones with the same stats but with the new "Mystic" damage type. Talisman A new Talisman equipment slot is now available.

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Please note that Talismans are disabled when doing content that already provide on-trigger skills such as Tower of Infinity. This has been updated on March 15 Talismans can be evolved, check the Equipment Upgrade Path in-game for more details. Heroic elemental accessory drops from Heroic dungeons of the same tier have been unified to a single accessory of each type Ring, Earring, Necklace Bosses in raids have been updated to drop specific item slots. New Dyad Gilded Square Gems transmutations have been added.

Gems cost in the Dragon Express have been greatly reduced. Hearts Increased the Additional Damage effect of Hearts. The cost of purchasing the Raven and Fallen Soul Shields pieces has been lowered. The gold reward for some of the dungeons' daily quests has been lowered.

Twilight Temple Added Sealed version of Lightstealer evolution material to the loot table.