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What are the policy implications for the growing demand for blended skills for young people in search of economic opportunity? Are there state or country-level examples of successful government partnerships that promote system-wide approaches to skills development for youth? How does trauma and mental health factor into skills development and economic opportunity for young people?

How can programs incorporate attention to these issues in their skills development strategies? What is the role of business to support skills development in young people? How do we engage employers earlier in the education and training process to help bridge the gap between supply and demand? What are examples of employer-driven investments in skills development on-the-job? How are educators, training providers, employers, and policy makers responding to this demand e. What are the specific impacts of new automation and digital technologies on employment prospects for youth employment?

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How are we working to address the digital divide and ensure that technological opportunity for some young people does not result in greater inequality for others? What is the role of disruptive innovation or technology to connect youth with economic opportunity? What are specific examples of technologies e. What are examples of platforms that young people are using to gather labor and market information, connect to employment opportunities,, or generate livelihoods in the formal and informal economy?

How can technology in turn help us to better understand the interests and capacities of youth to be the drivers of their own economic development and that of their communities in a changing global economy? In an increasingly mobile marketplace, how can we establish credible credentialing systems for young people and employers? How does the changing world of work impact rural economies and youth economic opportunity in agriculture, including off-farm agribusiness?

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How do we gather rural labor market information that can help us better understand what opportunities exist for young people? Relatedly, what are strong examples engagement and partnership with the private sector to advance rural youth economic opportunity in rural settings? What are best practices in hands-on applied learning internships, work-based learning, apprenticeships, etc.

How do we adjust these methods and approaches to account for gender in varying contexts? How can educators and employment service providers most effectively partner with the private sector to ensure demand-driven services, opportunities for work-based learning and information about careers, and access to employment opportunities? How are public-private partnerships meeting the demands of young people and that of the new global marketplace? Are there country-level examples for how data has been effectively used to influence policy change for young people?

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Are there country-level examples of programs or policies that are taking a systems-based approach to advance youth economic opportunities? How do we address gender parity and youth economic opportunity? What are examples of gender-sensitive and gender-inclusive strategies for work readiness programs? How can technology pose both a challenge and an opportunity for gender parity among youth in a changing world of work? Which industries have shown the potential to engage young women and girls in skilled jobs, and what are examples of programs that are taking advantage of this potential?

Livelihoods Through Self Employment The Livelihoods through Self-Employment Track addresses the rise of self-employment in the formal economy, and the high levels of informality in most developing economies. How might training in entrepreneurship-based skills support young people to navigate the gig economy, and vice versa?

What are examples of tools, strategies or interventions that are being deployed to support youth self-employment? How do we help young people achieve economic identify, greater job security and protections, moving from wage work to sustainable livelihoods? What specific challenges and opportunities do young women encounter in self-employment, and what are examples of gender-sensitive interventions designed to address these issues?

Entrepreneurship What types of skills and assets do young people need to be successful entrepreneurs? How do we measure success for entrepreneurship beyond income and assets?

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  7. How do we support learning through failure and develop resilience in young entrepreneurs, especially in a quickly changing environment? How are young entrepreneurs using new technologies and how are they beginning ventures in technologically-focused fields? What opportunities exist in non-traditional sectors for youth e.

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    Are youth entrepreneurs really creating jobs for other youth? Which ones create jobs and for whom? What types of opportunities exist for youth entrepreneurs in rural settings? How can we support agro-entrepreneurs? What does an entrepreneurship-friendly policy environment look like? What are key constraints e.

    What do we know now about the role of mentorship for entrepreneurs? What can incubators and accelerators do to better support young entrepreneurs? What are the links between formal and non-formal entrepreneurship e. Research Advisor refine and develop enterprise development, employment and financial inclusion related research priorities and programs Support the Sr. How to apply. ReliefWeb Informing humanitarians worldwide. A service provided by UN OCHA ReliefWeb has been the leading online source for reliable and timely humanitarian information on global crises and disasters since ReliefWeb subscriptions get a revamp Many of you more than , subscribers at the last count!

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    Larch, M. Serrano, F. Personalised recommendations. Cite chapter How to cite? It said that in , the global unemployment rate for women could reach 7. The report says that the gender impact of the economic crisis in terms of unemployment rates is expected to be more detrimental for females than for males in most regions of the world. It adds that the only regions where unemployment rates are expected to be less detrimental for women are East Asia, the developed economies and the non-EU South-Eastern Europe and CIS, which had narrower gender gaps in terms of job opportunities prior to the current economic crisis.

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    The labour market projections for show deterioration in global labour markets for both women and men. The ILO projects that the global unemployment rate could reach between 6. This would result in an increase of between 24 million and 52 million people unemployed worldwide, of which from 10 million to 22 million would be women. ILO Director-General Juan Somavia said that gender equality should be a key principle in any policy response, as the effects of the economic and financial crisis go beyond the scope of women in the world of work and have an impact on the overall stability of society, considering the various roles that women play.