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The Time Traders by Andre Norton

Healdsburg, a small town with big-city acumen, is a charming respite in northern Sonoma County, with great food, superb wine, memorable vintage architecture and boutiques, and lovely hotels. Drive up from the city and spend a long weekend to refresh and reset. Just remember the sunscreen. The hipster in the YouTube video swirls his glass of wine with a passion matched only by the aggression of the smarmy scowl on his face. Dressed in a denim jacket layered on top of a red hooded sweatshirt and a blue tank top that shows off just the right amount of chest hair, he is the opposite of the old-fashioned wine drinker.

I always think of horseshoes around Thanksgiving.

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I haven't pitched a shoe in years, and it's not that the approaching autumn feast makes me want to find some nice clay pits and zero in on a stake. It's just that I have to choose the wines for the most ridiculous and glorious dinner of the year. In horseshoes you listen for that subtle tink of shoe against stake, or the clang and jangle of a more ostentatious ringer. That's the goal — a ringer — but as long as you come close to the target, you still get points, and points here and there can add up to an overall win.

This is how you want to think about matching wines with Thanksgiving dinner. I am walking through a winery -- blindfolded. But you can banish any thoughts of "50 Shades of Grey. We're greeted with a glass of bubbly upon arrival -- presumably to calm any fears about our impending loss of sight. There are acres of grapes, clinking glasses, and enough wine to cater a Real Housewives reunion. But in Sonoma County, nestled in the rolling hills and endless skies, lies one winery whose style is unlike any other.

I recently learned that you can buy champagne in cans thanks to the genius of Francis Ford Coppola vineyards. If you winced at that sentence, canned champagne is definitely not for you. The first time I tried Sofia Mini, it neither exceeded nor fell short of my expectations. Wine in cans? It just doesn't track. You hear that unmistakable pop of a beer can opening — only it's wine inside, not beer. And it's not cheap plonk either, but some serious juice. Though Australia's Barokes Wines was probably the first to try the idea, way back in , the idea is just catching on here.

And no outrage from Paul Hobbs, one of the world's most lauded winemakers, when asked about it. Sometimes in life, you may have a vendetta. No, not that feud — more like the Francis Ford Coppola kind of wine. The cabernet flavors were chosen for its textural dimension, moderate tannins and floral nuances that go well with the Malbec, which boasts a cherry cola aroma. We love the peppery mineral qualities that are found in the flavor along with toasted wood. In celebration of the harvest, which just kicked off in Sonoma County, find out what the winemakers at Francis Ford Coppola Winery do to unwind during the busiest time of the year.

From jogging around the vineyards to jumping into the winery's pool, these winemakers make the most of harvest.

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Enjoying wine in a park or at the beach no longer means pouring a bottle into a Thermos or hiding in shame behind your cheap box of Franzia wine. There are now several high-quality options in sleek, easy-to-grab containers that will make you feel like the coolest person at the picnic. You can now rent our the entire person pool area here.

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It's got two pools, bocce courts and a big patio. Great news for you and of your friends. Wine tends to fidget when taken out of the house. It gets hot and soupy in the sand. Remember chemistry class? Ethanol heats up much faster than H Despite our best efforts to make it fun and relaxed, wine demands to be housed and squired and served just so.

Still, it can be cosseted to taste good on a sunny day. The best bet for wine on your picnic, concert, park-bench people-watching sesh, morning jog, etc. You'll probably want to go on a weekend jaunt at the Coppola winery and hang out in and around one of these two pools. Lori Bisordi grew up watching her nonno farm their ranch in the Russian River Valley, where they now primarily grow Zinfandel and Chardonnay grapes for wineries such as Martin Ray and Kunde Family Estate. The very earliest people who made film were magicians. The Godfather - like another Mob-centric piece of culture, The Sopranos - has moved well beyond the space a movie, even a very good one, occupies in our culture to become a byword for perfection.

After winning his second, third, and fourth Academy Awards for that film, Coppola went on to direct movies like The Conversation, Apocalypse Now, and The Outsiders, standing alongside Spielberg as one of the premier American film directors of the late 20th century. With Halloween approaching, Mark visits Hollywood's magnificently haunted Chateau Marmont to reveal a perfect wine for share with ghosts of Chateau's suite Opining on wine enclosed in a can, he reminds us that anything that lessens the distance between your mouth and the wine is a good thing.

Francis Ford Coppola takes his wine and food seriously, believing that the two should really be enjoyed together. A family tradition of winemaking begins. In my attempt to carry a jug across the room, I slid a pencil through the glass loop. The pencil snapped in two and the jug shattered on the floor.

That night my father came home with a white pastry box of my favorite dessert — Cannoli — but he was so angry about the broken jug of wine there was no cannoli for me! Sign Up. Store Sign In. Who Is Billy? Francis Ford Coppola Winery has renewed a pair of high-profile partnerships. Always at the forefront of the newest trends in drinks, as well as always being a champion for women, I am particularly excited by this set of news… Read More The list includes restaurants in 34 states including Washington state 10 and Florida 7.

Fear not, because there are plenty of other things you can get for your wine-o pals that they'll be just as excited about -- wine-drinking accessories like funky decanters, cute corkscrews, or even kits for them to make their own wine!

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His last picture, Twixt, came and went. Read more about why the director stopped making movies for major studios after the jump. The idea is starting to pop in the U. None of that matters, of course, if it tastes like, well, what you might expect wine in a can to taste like. Display all. Results 1 - 18 out of Previous 1 2 Next. Trampoline for Mahe 36 catamaran Shipped within 3 to 5 weeks. Preorder Select to compare. Trampoline for Tobago 35 catamaran Shipped within 3 to 5 weeks. Trampoline for Athena 38 catamaran Shipped within 3 to 5 weeks. Trampoline for Fidji 39 catamaran Shipped within 3 to 5 weeks.

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‘The Simpsons’ Will Return to DVD After A Three-Year Hiatus, After Fans Demand It

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