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Your use of the site and services is subject to these policies and terms. Melvil Decimal System: Works under MDS Bach and the German Motet by Daniel R. Cantatas nos. Also, there are 2 part and 3 part motets as well. Many of these are probably available on cpdl as well. Also, I sing in an Episcopal church now though raised Catholic. It was here that I gleaned so much from Dr. Marier about quality choral and organ music, and beautiful liturgies. I'm now living in the "heartlands", and the state of Catholic church music here is somewhere between "tepid" and an "embarrassment"--even at our Catholic Cathedral where I sang for about 6 mos.

Very much at home over the past 4 yrs.

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Eighteen members in the choir, many of whom have had some voice study and some who have studied organ as well. The choir reads very well, and I'm in my musical element there, as the music program emphasis is on Renaissance literature, though we sing Mendelssohn, Brahms, Stanford, Durufle, Vaughan-Williams, Howells, Titcomb and Rheinberger.

I also studied organ during my Boston years, and played in 2 Catholic churches at different times. Have given up the organ, and have turned back to the piano to re-learn some old literature and some new works as well. Hope this info has been of help to you. Happy to share any knowledge I have re: choral and organ music, so don't hesitate to ask. Happy to help out if I can. Regards, Unda Maris. Thanked by 1 JulieColl.


Unda Maris, what a great handle, by the way many thanks for these suggestions and the recommendations. I'm going to be happy as a clam looking these up! I have Dr. It is the best explanation of chant I've ever found. What an experience that must have been singing in his choir. I'm very interested in learning how to achieve a beautiful pure unified sound with mixed voices.

G. P. da Palestrina - Motet in 5 parts (Book 4)

We have a tenor, baritone, alto and soprano and the four of us must sing the unaccompanied G. It works well, but I hope we can someday, God willing, take it to the next level. Musicteacher56 February Posts: The following pieces have been successful with my new Schola and I think are a good starting place.

I agree with most of the critiques of this thread. We have a very green choir, no music degrees among us or at least vocally. Some can read, some can not. So far we have worked on in order, none mastered yet in 2 years but working : 1. I don't have 10 yet Its is extremely helpful to me to see pieces that are easy to moderate that we can learn in a helpful order. Also it would be very helpful to know where they fit in the Liturgy.

SATB Choral Sheet Music & Scores |

I really like what Adam has done with Mr. Chris Hebard February Posts: It doesn't meet Noel's criteria for this thread, but here's a related link. The rest of the issue is interesting also. Adam Wood March Posts: 6, Earlier, I said: To some of us, who grew up and were trained in modernists wastelands, it's very helpful to have somebody point out: "Everybody really ought to know these 10 or 12 pieces. Thanked by 3 CHGiffen barreltone Choirparts. Kathy March Posts: 5, It's a very effective anthem, I think. Plus purple you can get one of the tenors to face paint and wave a John placard up and down in the sanctuary at the fun parts.

Choirparts March Posts: SATB parts available CHGiffen March Posts: 4, Oh, and of course they are free. Thanked by 3 Choirparts Adam Wood canadash. English Music 1. Richard de Castre's Prayer to Jesus 2. If Ye Love Me Tallis 3. Lead Me Lord Wesley 5. Ave Verum Corpus Byrd 2. Sicut Cervus Palestrina 3. Laudate Nomen Domini Tye 5. Ave Maria Arcadelt.

GREAT piece! Nice list, Hartley. Thanked by 1 Felipe Gasper. Jackson Osborn March Posts: 6, Um, are you passing out boxes of kleenex when you sing the Stainer. They would, undoubtedly, be needed.

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Especially if you sing it with correct performance practice with lots of gulping, gasping, moaning and gushy diction and exagerrated dynamics and tremulations. Too, you must pronounce 'wuhrrrrrllld' just so. CharlesW March Posts: 10, Stainer isn't bad when sung well - at least no worse than some of the predictable formula music from an earlier age. It is allowed to ask that a piece be removed from these lists? Tallis, "If ye love me", crops up from time to time, and it is just not a good piece of music.

Pedestrian in rhythm and invention, speciously easy but impossible to tune. Jesu Dulcis Memoria - Victoria 8. Ave Verum - Byrd 9. Cantate Domino - Hassler Exsultate Justi - Viadana Two limitations on this list: these pieces 1 are shorter pieces no more than 3 or 4 pages long , and 2 can be sung generally through the year - i.

Also, all can be found free online with the exception of 1 , which I have attached. Veni Creator - Josquin. Thanked by 3 Choirparts kenstb JulieColl. Liam February Posts: 3, Gibbons is underappreciated, for that matter. Marian antiphons: Ave Maria: Handl attr. Mark P.

February Posts: Thanked by 2 Choirparts kenstb. Choirparts February Posts: Another somewhat challenging English-language anthem, which can be appropriate for a Communion meditation or Eastertide, is the oldest English-language American-anthem in the continuous repertoire yes, that's a mouthful : William Billing's "I Am The Rose of Sharon".

It's also wonderful to sing. Billings was an autodidact as a musician he was a tanner , and this anthem in particular shows the influence of the vernacular singing of folks working on the waterfront of Boston, baptizing it for sacred use. Frederick H. Thanked by 3 noel jones, aago irishtenor Choirparts. I don't wish to repeat some of the aforementioned motets and anthems, as they are excellent suggestions, so I'm going to list some that may not be sung as frequently or perhaps unknown to others.


Mendelssohn from "St. Anerio Introit - Holy Thurs. Rorate Caeli -- C. Peeters O Rex Gloriae -- L.