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The card allows educators to keep items they check out for professional use off of their personal cards, and also offers a few perks—including a new, exclusive card designed by Colorado illustrator Steve Jenkins! Educators may sign up for a card at any DPL location. Primary Source Sets Ideal for 4thth grade The Western History and Genealogy Department can assemble sets of primary source materials images, manuscripts, songs, etc.

We can also provide copies of said materials that can be picked up in person.

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Contact us at history denverlibrary. Research Guide Request 9thth grade Ideal for 9thth grade Our research guides introduce you to resources available at the Denver Public Library books, DVDs, databases , Internet resources, primary sources and search tips. See examples of guides we've created for other educators. Field Trips to the Library Ideal for PreKth grade Book a staff-led or self-guided library orientation for your classroom tailored to your needs. To schedule a tour at a branch library, please contact your nearest branch location.

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Three-dimensional books, in which the images stood up from the pages, were created after Engineers and artists think about forces when designing or building something. What is a force? Answer: A push or pull on an object. Not all forces occur naturally like wind and gravity. People can create forces using energy that originates from the food they eat.

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This occurs when we push someone on a swing, use our feet to push a skateboard or pull someone in a wagon. When we read pop-up books we apply very small forces pushes or pulls to tabs and flaps to make them move. Engineers and artists take into consideration the impact of man-made forces on an object they design, as well as natural ones.

For example, is it important for an engineer to consider the impact of the accumulated weight of many people as they walk across a floor on the second story of a building?

Even the smallest forces need to be taken into account. Any push or pull that affects the balance of a structure, large or small, must be thought about by engineers and artists during the design and creation process. This activity is suggested to take place during two, one-hour class periods on two different days.

Pop-Up Books

Day 1 is for research, writing, drawing, brainstorming, planning and organizing. Day 2 is for construction of the pop-up book. Gather materials and bring to class example pop-up books from the library or home. Divide the class into teams of two students each. Research: Have the student teams browse through the pop-up books, paying careful attention to why and how parts of the book move, and where the forces are applied. The Design Process. Write on the board the main steps in the engineering design process, and discuss with the students.

On Day 1, start a discussion about pop-up books by asking if anyone has read a pop-up book.

Do you know how they work? Experience proved that to revise one small assignment to incorporate some ideas from professional development took an inordinate amount of time.

No wonder the theory is struggling to find its way into classroom practice! The support material developed at MGSC is based on the research process and assignment writing.

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To make a difference, the teacher support material has to be easy to use, accessible through-out the college and designed to lighten not increase teacher workloads. This new multimedia publication puts the focus where it should be — on the learners. It informs and opens the door for you on the wide variety of resources and materials to support you as you implement inquiry-based learning at your school.

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