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Gun Shy, Murder Mystery that’s Dog-gone Good

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Reiki goes where it's needed - to catch a murderer! Reiki is more than a healing modality. When a body is found with only Reiki Master Teacher Millie Garner's name and address as identification, she is soon number one suspect in the murder of one of her Reiki Circle. Add to this the dead flowers and even more unpleasant things turning up on someone else's door, the group are Reiki goes where it's needed - to catch a murderer!

Add to this the dead flowers and even more unpleasant things turning up on someone else's door, the group are soon drawn into the shadowy Red Heart's "game". Join Millie and her group as they use the Reiki symbols, their circle and their advanced skills as they pour Reiki into the situation, make their own enquiries and finally track the murderer's dark soul to his inner sanctum. With a satisfyingly evil villain, Erasmus the cat, plenty of twists and a truly shocking insight into the mind of a murderous psychopath, Knight keeps you guessing right to the end.

About the Author: Imogen Knight is a crazy cat lady given to unpleasant flights of fancy. If you are not attuned to all of the symbols mentioned in this article, activate the Reiki you do have. My Reiki guides say that humanity is living in the age of communication, which includes communication with the spirit realms. Reiki is having very powerful and positive effects on earth and in the loving universe. Communicating with our spirit guides is easier when we practice Reiki. My Reiki guides explained how it works.

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They said that Reiki is easy to use for communication because it is like a spiritual phone system, the enlightened highway, and it comes with a spiritual translator. Reiki has the phone numbers, addresses, the map, and the roads between our divine heart and the spirit realms. Reiki connects us to our divine hearts, gives us a mode of transportation, the fuel we need to get where we are going, and healing for any breakdowns we may have along the way.

The Reiki roads and phone numbers always reach the enlightened realms, and the spiritual beings that we meet there are beautiful beings of light and love who are committed to us. Reiki then translates between our guides and us as we get to know each other. All of the Reiki symbols enhance our ability to connect and communicate with our Reiki guides.

What are the chakras for?

The Usui Power symbol calls the loving Universe to you. It is the spiritual phone system. When we invoke it, we are inviting the loving spiritual beings, our Reiki guides to us. The Distant Healing symbol is the divine consciousness, the place where we are all one.

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It is the enlightened highway. It can help us have a still mind and shift us into heightened perceptions. It connects us with our telepathic abilities.

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It is also called the talking symbol and the Reiki translator. They heal us with their divine guidance and blessings.

Reiki practices enhance spiritual communication. The Reiki symbols create an automatic connection and assist us in traveling to the spirit realms where we can work together with our guides to create healing and wholeness within. You may want to listen to music or a drumming CD during your journey to enhance the experience.

Use your imagination to create a beautiful meeting place on top of a mountain, on a beach, in a wood, or a spiritual realm. Usually, it is a good practice to meet in the same place each time. Intend that your vibration be lifted above the density of the earth to a place of pure light, love, joy, truth, beauty, grace and gratitude. Begin a dialogue.

Usui Reiki Attunements Level 1 and Level 2

Talk to them and listen. Ask questions. Ask how you can help each other as healers and what they know about healing our illnesses. Tell them you will continue listening for their messages. Ask if there are any blocks in the way of your ability to communicate with them. If so, ask their help in healing them. When you are complete, thank your Reiki guide s and ask if there is anything you can do for them. Say goodbye and return to yourself. Thank yourself for the work you do. Seal the session. Listen and be available for your Reiki guide s to continue communicating with you in subtle ways throughout your day.

Learning the language of spirit is like learning any other foreign language.

What Happens To Your Spirit When You Die? - Guiding Echoes

Although there are no textbooks or dictionaries, there are specific skills that you will need to practice in order to communicate fluently with your Reiki guides. Ask your Reiki guides for help in developing the skills you need. Practice the following skills during Reiki treatments for yourself and others and during all of your personal spiritual practices.

Use the Reiki symbols to empower and build these skills. Because of our free will, they will never impose themselves on us or teach us more than we are willing or ready to learn. Therefore, we must invite them to be present and ask for their assistance. Create an invocation or prayer that invites Reiki, invokes all the symbols and the Reiki guides by name, describes your meeting place, and tells them your intention.

Use this invocation every time you do a Reiki treatment, meditate, or want to talk to your Reiki guides. Reiki became illegal. She finally closed them in the mids because she could not find anyone to take on its leadership. In the s, Takata, a widow living in Iowa, began teaching Reiki. When she died in , she had initiated twenty-two teachers including her granddaughter, Phyllis Furumoto.

In Japan, the Usui Reiki Ryoho Gakkai was so secret that in when Westerners brought Reiki courses to Japan, the Japanese attendees agreed the Reiki kanji looked Japanese but believed the healing method came from the West. In , he published his first book, Reiki Fire.

He makes the point that Reiki is energy, pure and simple. If we stay focused on the purpose and listen to our inner voice, the right lineage and teacher for our needs will appear.

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A lifelong spiritual seeker, Arjava Petter combines his wisdom about holistic health, meditation and Asian spirituality into his Reiki practice. In his book, This is Reiki, he brings much of the history he presented in previous books and combined it with his insights gained from his years teaching to explain:. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in:. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account.